About Quicko


Quicko is an experimental but innovative idea to explore search results in a grouply manner so that all search results related to a search query can be stacked together in one single page and then you can use that page to navigate between your desired results with great ease.

Reason to create Quicko

One big giant fat reason. WE WERE FED UP, the way search engines currently presents search results. it is so confusing to find what you are looking for and then you have to open a lot of windows which you think are closer to what you are looking for. So we came up with this idea that there should be only one single page from where you can navigate between all or selected results.


There are few issues in quicko right now, like it won't let you open pdfs or flash animations embedded in a web page. Second problem, there are few sites which restricts to not to be opened in an iframe page and thus quicko won't be able to load their site and display a blank white screen. We are working on these problems but @moment what we can suggest to you is to click such search results title in top bar which will open the same link in a new window.